An efficient and versatile way to keep data. You can keep percent correct, tally behaviors, etc. Can even be used for fluency, intelligibility, and MLU (mean length of utterance). No more counting + and - marks! You can set up folders for students or groups, and if you use the sounds the students can hear when they're incorrect.
superduper data tracker.png
Super Duper Data Tracker
This app helps you track progress in speech. It can be adapted for other data purposes too because you can input your own goals. It is a very simple app that allows you to indicate with a touch if a student met an objective or not and then you can email the data in the form of a graph or percentages. It does not allow you to post date data so you must take data on the IPad as you're doing an activity. It is by Super Duper Company. The cost is minimal at $1.99.