accessibility.pngAccessibility within iOS 6

Found under Settings - General - Accessibility



Speaks items on the screen including individual letters when typing
- Useful for blind or low vision users
- Requires different navigation for swiping, selecting and others
  1. Touch an icon once to hear what it is.
  2. Double-tap to activate it.
  3. Use three-finger flick to scroll pages.
  4. Use three-finger double-tap to mute an item.
- Provides auditory feedback of buttons and content
- Speaks in 36 different languages
- Can enable hints to help with navigation when learning.
- Can control speaking rate.
- Can connect with bluetooth Braille device.
- Can enable Rotor for quick access to volume, vertical navigation, and many more features.

For a listing of VoiceOver gestures:


- Magnifies the entire screen.
- Double tap with 3 fingers to enable or disable.
- Move around screen with three fingers.

Large Text

- Set 20-56 point text for Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Messages and Notes.

Invert Colors

- Change to white text on black background.

Speak Selection

- Speak button appears when you select text.
- Can select dialects.
- Can determine speech rate.
- Words can be highlighted.
- Does not work with PDFs

Speak Auto-text

When enabled, auto-corrections and auto-capitalizations will be spoken.


Hearing Aids

- Must enable bluetooth to communicate with hearing aids.

LED Flash for Alerts

- Enable to receive a flash when alerts arrive.

Mono Audio

- Shift stereo sound to one side (mono).


Guided Access

- Keeps the iPad in a single app. Turn on in settings, then triple click within app.
- Set passcode when Guided Access is enabled.
- Can disable parts of the screen.
- Enable Screen Sleep will dim the screen after a period of inactivity.!

Physical and Motor

Assistive Touch

- Can create new gestures to replace ones that are challenging.

Home Click Speed

- Can adjust speed from default to slow or slowest for difficulty double or triple clicking the home button

Incoming Calls

- Choose route for incoming calls to speaker or headset.

Triple Click Home

Provides instant access to VoiceOver, Invert Colors, Zoom and Assistive Touch when enabled.

Other Important Settings


Used to connect many accessories to iPad, such as a wireless switch or keyboard.
- When you turn on, the iPad looks for enabled devices. If one is available, you will see the word Paired.


Settings - General - Enable. Set passcode. (If you forget this passcode, you have to resync with iTunes and restore it.)
- You see the default settings that are set to ON. Turn OFF those that are distracting to students. Apps are not deleted, only hidden.
- Allow Content - You may want to turn off Allow Music and Podcasts Rated Explicit or change the Movie or TV Shows setting according to ratings or prevent completely, App ratings are not curricular, but are age rated. May also want to turn off In-App purchases to prevent attempts at buying additional pieces. Require Password can be changed to requiring password immediately from 15 minutes.
- Privacy
- Allow Changes.
- Game Center

Reader in Safari Web Browser
  • Eliminates distracting clutter (ads, side-bars, etc) from web pages
  • Allows for adjusting size of font on de-cluttered pages