REMEMBER, we don't choose the tool first!

Using the SETT framework, consideration should be given to:

1. Student (abilities, strengths, challenges)

2. Environment
  • Where is the student going to be - in the classroom, cafeteria, on the bus, shopping?
  • What is unique about that environment - desks, tables, wheelchair accessible, lab?
  • What environmental factors are there - noise, lighting, messiness, proximity to other noisy environments?
  • What support and accommodations are there for the student?

3. Tasks
  • What are the student's peers asked to do (take notes, respond orally, respond with short answers, paragraphs, label illustrations, retell concepts, etc.)
  • Is the student asked to consume or create?
  • What method is the student currently using?

4. Tools - NOW is the time to choose the tool and if the iPad is the optimal choice.