1. Use Storykit app (free) to write simple stories, adding your own pictures and narration. If children are non-verbal, let them offer them script choices. Let them choose the order the pictures should be placed in. Swipe through the book to read or tap the arrow to go to the next page.

2. Use Story Wheel app (Free with some in-app purchases available) to write simple stories with one to four students. Swipe down to select a theme. Add players. Spin the story wheel and record a sentence based on the picture that the wheel lands on. Students take turns adding to the story.

3. Use Rory's Story Cubes to connect all 9 cubes into a story. There is no record button with story cube, so write the students' story on the smart board. Have students take turns writing their part of the story.

4. Use Scribble Press to create a story that can be printed (at a cost by Scribble Press), published in the Scribble Press Gallery, shared on Facebook or Twitter, emailed as a link or opened in iBooks. Select from cartoon type characters, use photos or draw using markers. Type text. No recording available.

5. Use Photo Booth (on iPad 2 and up) to take a picture of the child's choosing and write about it.

6. Use Comic Touch Lite (free) to import a photo, add a caption, save or email. Comic Touch Lite includes a watermark on any shared output.

7. Use I Can Write 1 (free) to select clothing for the animal and write a sentence. The sentence blanks have drop downs to choose words to complete the sentence. No writing or spelling required.

8. Use Lifecards app to select templates, import pictures, add stories or balloon captions and create postcards. Print postcards, email or upload to Facebook or Twitter.

9. Use Book Creator to create books using imported photos, add sound narration and text. Very simple to use.

10. SparkleFish is an app version of MadLibs. Use this simple free app to review parts of speech and create silly audio stories. Four stories available for free, more available for cost. there's no typing, simply hold the button down and record. Provide choices of words or pair kids with peers to create a story.

11. Abilipad includes a lower case onscreen keyboard with word prediction. There is also the ability to customize keyboards by changing the font, color and number of keys. Words, sentences, and even sounds can be assigned to different keys. But the shared notepads is really cool. You can download keyboard templates created by others.

12. All the Builder apps: StoryBuilder, SentenceBuilder, QuestionBuilder, SentenceBuilder for Teens, PrepositionBuilder. Storybuilder prompts with questions about a picture. The student responds by recording the answers. The whole story can be played and saved.

13. Panther Writer has 4 built - in keyboards all designed for different modes of access. Included will be word prediction. Email text or pdf directly from the app. Watch video.

14. Panther Connect offers ways to use the iPad as the interface to connect to the computer. It is especially designed for individuals who have trouble with trackpads, mice and trackballs. Watch video.