Reading - Students without disabilities have access to reading over 15 different things/day. (Wharton-McDonald)

According to Caroline Musselwhite and Gretchen Hanser, it's important to find appropriate books; appropriate language, academics and books for the enjoyment of reading. Find books that have a meaningful take-home message, that build background knowledge, that teach meaningful vocabulary and have a range of genres.

1. - Free, easy to read, accessible stories. Create favorites by following the directions here Then, add those favorites to your iPad Home Screen. (Spiders by Jenny, Volcano by Penny R) Watch this screencast to see how to create a favorites list.

2. Create talking PowerPoint books by following instructions here. Download a book template and instructions here. Scroll down on this page to find out how to add sounds and movies. Once you've created your book, open it in Keynote ($9.99).

3. Create basic concept books in PPT that are age respectful using Google images. Put no more than 6 words on a page. Run on iPad through Keynote.

4. Read2Go app - reads DAISY ebooks and books from Bookshare. Customization includes font size, color selection for foreground, background, highlight, word highlight and book mark color.

5. Panther Reader app - Watch for this app from Panther Technology and Caroline Musselwhite. There will be stories plus fill-in-the-blank comprehension questions.

6. Spinout Blueand Spinout Redapps ($9.99 each): High interest stories designed to appeal to upper primary and lower secondary students. Each story is available at 3 levels of reading difficulty, allowing the student to start at a suitably easy level and progress at gentle stages through to more demanding words and sentence constructions.

7. iHowTo-Book (Free): app focuses on daily living tasks and describes how to complete things like folding clothes, brushing hair, making a sandwich. Sentence can be read automatically or when desired, words spoken when tapped and images activated when tapped.

8. Booksy app (Free): Two free books that are age-appropriate level readers. Text can be narrated, individual words spoken when tapped, or stories read aloud and recorded. A comprehension quiz is included. There are lots more books available for $.99 each and can be previewed from within the app.

9. Children's Storybooks Online weblink: A free collection of online books, accessible with an iPad. Most are simply books categorized for different ages. A few have narration, but it generally is not available on the iPad.

10. Browser Books paired with Puffin app ($2.99): The Puffin app is needed to read flash based sites. It can be tried free for 4 weeks. To make this work, first use Safari to find the book you want on the Browser Books site. Copy the URL and paste it into the Puffin app. Then, bookmark that site in your Puffin browser. (I'd recommend you start by putting the Browser site into Puffin first, but the drop downs don't work in Puffin.)

11. Lil' Fingers weblink: Go to this site from within Puffin to access flash books. There's more storybooks in the Holiday section.

12. I Like Books app ($1.99): Has 37 simple picture books with Read to me, Read by myself and Autoplay options. Words can be tapped to hear them spoken. Pictures are real photos. Pages can be swiped or the arrow tapped. You can even record your own words to the story. Be sure to leave the Top Panel always visible in Settings or you have to page backwards through a book to get to the home button.

13. Teacher Tap weblink: Here's a site that links to many online and ebooks. Each site has icons representing if books include multiple languages, flash, sound, easy-to-read or something for all ages.

14. Create Bingo Cards of sight words at Generate cards. Copy URLs. Paste into website that makes QR Codes: Print QR codes so students can read one (i-nigma app - free) with an iPad. The bingo game can be played on the iPad.