Here is a selection of apps for AAC for students with significant disabilities. To view more AAC apps, see the Spectronics or Infinitec websites.

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Click n' Talk
This app was developed in MN by Intermediate District 287. It is basically a talking photo album with a digitized speech. Photos can be taken with the iOS device or can come from the camera roll. This is a very easy to use app that allows a person to share photos and add voice to photos. See this link for a movie using the app with a student.
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Answers: YesNo HD
This is a very simple basic communication app. There are two choices available. You can customize by using your own pictures and text. Button colors can be changed. You can program up to 5 lesson plans with 6 pages of customized buttons.
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Autism Five Point Scale
This app, developed by the Autism Society of MN, is designed to assist individuals communicate stress and anxiety without the need to be verbal. Five levels of emergencies are included that can be customized by editing the picture, text and audio.You can import photos or use your camera on the device to take your own
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Point to Pictures
This app was designed as an AAC training app. It offers between 2 and 9 options per page. Once the user selects an item, the app tells the user which item they chose and it will then play an optional consequence or reinforcer. If the user does not make a selection, then the app plays images and sounds to tempt the user to interact with it. The same 2-9 options will be presented until edited.
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My Choice Board
This is a simple choice making app with customizable features. May be a good transition from PECS to a digital device.
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GoTalk Now
Customizable AAC app with up to 25 cells per page. You can record your own voice or purchase additional ones for text-to-speech. Pictures can be imported. GoTalk Now can be switch accessible using the Attainment Switch app or RJ Cooper's switch interface.
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Augie AAC
Augie AAC is a voice output app that comes pre-loaded with high frequency vocabulary for home and school or work. Has a note pad for home-school communication and ability to view a schedule.
AutisMate is a visual scene based language and communication app. Hotspots can be drawn over the visual scene.
Easy Speak HD
App has a multi-level communication system. Includes some pre-programmed categories and core vocabulary. Includes over 800 symbols.
Very inexpensive simple AAC app ($.99). Has two levels of communication. Has a small symbol library. Can import own pictures.
App has a multi-level communication system. Has a few pre-programmed pages and some customization. Over 600 Smarty symbols.
I Click I Talk Multi-Student
Allows for multi-student use allowing you to create different pages for different students. Inexpensive (currently $10.49). Includes 1000 symbols and allows you to import your own pictures.
Free to try out. Upgrade with in-app purchase. Has 4 categories - basic needs, activities, food/drink and toys. Simple to add your own images. Need to upgrade to add audio component.
Add your own images and create playlists of recordings. Step through them one at a time.
Posco AAC
Easy to use with training video as app starts for first time. Good customization options. Includes sentence window.
Scene Speak
Create communication books and pages with visual scene displays. Some scenes are provided, but user can create own.
Has a three star rating on Spectronics. Create communication books and pages with visual scene displays. Includes over 12,000 widget symbols. Has a lite version to trial.
TapSpeak Button
There are three versions of TapSpeak. The basic one uses your iPad as a single message communicator. Messages can be recorded and stored to pull up later. TapSpeak Button Plus includes 4500 PCS symbols from Boardmaker. TapSpeak Button Standard does not include images but lets you import your own.
TapSpeak Sequence
Use you iPad as a sequenced communicator. There are two versions, TapSpeak Sequence Plus has PCS symbols and lets you import images. TapSpeak Sequence Standard lets you import your own images, and purchase PCS symbols as an inapp purchase.